Welcome New Players!

Thank you for your interest in the Washington Wetskins! Please read the information below which outlines the next steps for you to become a Wetskin!

We welcome new players to join us regardless of experience level. However, please keep in mind that water polo is a rigorous aquatic sport that requires a basic level of comfort in the pool.  Therefore, if you are new to the sport of water polo, we ask you to arrive at 7pm on the first Monday of the month to pass a swim test (200 yards continuous freestyle, 1 minute of treading water) before participating in your first practice.   We allow players a two week trial period to determine whether the Wetskins is a good fit.  If after the trial period you determine that the team is a good fit for you, we ask that you register with the Wetskins, submit dues, and provide proof of an active USAWP membership (http://www.usawaterpolo.org/).

Please contact our secretary, Chandler @ (secretary.wetskins@gmail.com) to set up your first practice.  In addition, all new players must sign our waiver and bring it with you to your first practice.  Please see links below for the Waiver and Registration.    


We allow a grace period of two weeks before we have people pay dues. The structure for our dues is as follows:

1. Monthly: $35 charged on the 15th of each month

2. Quarterly: $90 charged on the 15th of March, June, September, and December

3. Annual: $300 charged on the 15th of March, will be prorated depending on when you join the team

Register Here: 

Click here to register for the Washington Wetskins and please select which rate structure is most suitable for you.

Please note, the team does not turn anyone away due to financial concerns. If this is a concern, please speak to a board member and an arrangement can be made.



Please click here to find the Waiver. Please sign a hard copy and bring it with you to practice.



To insure our players against possible injury during practice and games, we do require all members to have a current membership with USA Water Polo. If you decide to commit to the team, please sign up for the membership to provide coverage to our players.



Please find information regarding our basic plays below:

Counter Attack


Motion from Flat



Click here to find current guidelines for tournament selection, team selections, and type of team we will send to tournaments is provided in the guidelines attached. Please read and contact the board with any questions.



Secretary: Chandler Vilander (secretary.wetskins@gmail.com)

Business Manager: Rob Rosenberg and Laurie Breen

Treasurer: Dan Martin

Coach Liaison: James Allen

Captain: Olivia Noble

Head Coach: Heather Walenga Wheeler (hwalenga@gmail.com)

Assistant Coaches: Alice Keaney, Casey Brennan, Henry Appel, Kathleen Schiavenza, Mark Osele, PJ Hoffman, Roy Lyford-Pike, Bill Krause

**If you have coaching experience and are interested in joining the rotation please talk to Heather after a practice or send an email.



Click here for a copy of the Washington Wetskins' Bylaws.